This was the question we struggled with as we headed into our first issue as Editors-in-Chief. Interrogating what fashion meant to us felt essential, and a big part of that seemed to involve analyzing its inherent power. Its power to empower. Its power to impose. Its power to take us somewhere. 

 We started by rethinking MODA. First and foremost, we decided that we wanted to be extremely purposeful about the flow of each issue, and that’s why we now begin and close with a photo spread. The first transports you into the issue, and the last is your portal back out. To maintain that sense of cohesion -- and focus our attention on the photoshoots -- we chose to take away the title heading, and created a logo in its place: the barcode. We needn’t point out the irony of the presence of a barcode on a student-run magazine (each issue is, of course, free to take). We wanted to open a discourse about materialism in fashion and the ways we assign and interpret value. 

 The shoots themselves are literal manifestations of where fashion can take you -- from the sandy shores of Lake Michigan to the lush forests encircling the city. We open with the beach, and dress our models in translucent garments worn over vibrant swimsuits. They are captured in that unique limbo that the beach presents -- a spirit of jovial fun contrasted with a strong sense of being watched and the insecurity that comes with that. That in-between prompts questions about fashion that our articles then delve into. From The Power of Perfume to The Top That Changed My Life, these pieces investigate perception and sense of self in a deeply personal way. Our writers then step back and look to our central investigation. In talking of where fashion might take us, we learn of everything from posthumanism to essentialism, and end with a far more thorough understanding of just how open and profound that question is. Aptly, we chose to close this issue with long flowing dresses and printed suiting, a striking contrast to the beautiful natural setting. That juxtaposition establishes a feeling of fairytale; a feeling that starts to offer some answers to our central question. 

 For the two of us, this issue is deeply meaningful. It is a first we will never again recreate -- and as you might expect we both rather enjoy grand entrances! We wanted to create a piece of art that pushes its audience to both lean in and step back. A copy that acts as a complete work of innovation. An issue that makes us look through the looking glass at ourselves. Something that’s organic and reflective; a magazine that will empower a community that is thoughtful about fashion.We hope and trust that our intentions will come across. 


Cecilia & Louis

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